Ms. Connie Zhang, CPA, visited Club 1898 Houston

 2016年7月17日,受休斯顿1898俱乐部邀请,Connie Zhang注册会计师与俱乐部全体股东见面,并就”美国私募基金: 美国税务与国际税务问题综述”这一主题给俱乐部股东们做了介绍,受到全体股东的热烈欢迎和高度评价。会后,Connie和股东们就俱乐部股东、投资人、基金、基金管理公司以及创投项目公司等“纳税人”将要面临的税务问题展开了深入的讨论。

As per Club 1898 Houston’s request, on July 17th 2016, Ms. Connie Zhang, CPA, made a presentation on the topic of “U.S.-based PE / VC Firms: An Overview of U.S. and International Taxation Issues” to an audience composed of the Club’s co-founders.  The presentation summarizes the key tax issues of all stakeholders in a U.S.-based PE fund’s structure, namely, the Fund, the Fund GP, the Fund Manager, and the Fund LP’s, and the mechanisms under which careful tax planning and compliance can help such PE funds to mitigate tax risks and reduce tax costs. Discussions were also conducted on a number of tax issues which are relevant and significant for the Club and the co-founders.  The presentation was highly regarded by the Club’s co-founders.

Connie Zhang注册会计师的专业领域是美国税务及国际税务咨询与筹划,尤其是外国个人、外国公司投资美国产生的税务问题。  Connie Zhang注册会计师从业12年,先后就职于四大国际会计事务所、大型跨国石油公司以及(私募基金类)投资公司,主要针对外国个人及外国公司投资美国产生的税务问题,为客户提供税务筹划、税务咨询以及相应的税表申报服务。她服务过的客户包括私募基金、基金投资的公司、基金经理、基金投资人、石油公司、有中国背景的高净值人士及其在美国投资的公司。

Connie is a CPA specialized in U.S. and international taxation, with a heavy focus on U.S. inbound investment. Connie has 12+ years of hands-on experience in U.S. and international taxation during her tenure with Big 4 accounting firms, a major multinational oil company, and an investment company. Primary clients served include private equity funds, portfolio companies, fund managers, fund investors, oil & gas companies, high net-worth individuals from China and their U.S. investments.




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